J’s Birth Story


J is my first baby and was something of a shock. I knew early on I wanted a home birth as I was scared of being in a hospital environment.

I mentioned it to my midwife around 28 weeks after swapping midwives and meeting a new one. She was all for it and so the plan began.

I collected shower curtains for my floors, found old beach towels to lay on top. I was so sure of this plan I didn’t pack a hospital bag (I wasn’t that cocky again)

At 38 weeks the midwife brought round a homebirth box and tank of gas and air in preparation. I was given a list of on call community midwives to ring should I go into labour.

At 38 weeks and 4 days my midwife spotted my blood pressure was up. It was agreed I would get it checked next day and if still up I’d need assessing at the hospital.

Next day, Tuesday, it was still up so an appointment was booked for me for the Friday.

That night I experienced bleeding and clots with a few cramps. I went to hospital to be checked but was left waiting nearly an hour to be seen. Once i was seen a cervix check was done plus palpitation (manually feeling a womans stomach).

They requested 24 hour monitoring but I went to say I refused I didn’t want to stay in or I wouldn’t have opted for a home birth.

They informed me, not asked, that I was being induced!! Instantly I said no you’re not. A doctor was sent to see me and requested i lay flat she half heartedly felt my bump then towered over me insisting I was risking my baby’s life. I asked why I was being induced they said because we don’t know whats going on.

I felt that wasn’t good enough and we assumed we were being pushed as she felt us too young to make the right choice. I was 22 but looked a lot younger.

We went home but agreed to come in following day for another check up. By now I was 38 weeks and 6 days and it was. A doctor that day agreed to scan to rule out placenta abruption and confirmed baby was well and she felt I didn’t need inducing.

We went home only to wake around 3 am and i was uncomfortable so I had a bath. By 6am i knew it was labour time. As it was early we waited till 8am to ring and chance had it our on call midwife that day was my antenatal midwife!!

By 11am I was only 3cm so my midwife left. I don’t remember when she came back but it took another 13 hours to start feeling the pushing urge.

I had spent most my labour on all fours or hanging over my ball.

As I started pushing he was getting lower and lower till I was finally pushing him out. At this point my waters hadn’t gone and the midwife could see the waters. 2 more pushes and they popped they could then see baby had his hand by his face and was the reason he kept bobbing back.

The midwife pushed his hand back in and he started to crown. I pushed for around 45 minutes and he was born with a scream 2:45am on Friday meaning on my living room floor.

We waited for cord to stop pulsing which in turn made the placenta arrive and my partner cut the cord. He then did skin to skin, helped weigh and dress baby.

By 5am everyone left and as first time parents we were petrified and lost.

I went through 3 canisters of gas and air but I did it relatively drug free because gas and air only serves to make you giddy.

My shower curtains were used as were the towels and best part the midwives cleaned everything up.



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